My Bad Reading Habits Book Tag

Dog earing pages, skipping chapters, writing in the margins, cracking spines… As readers, we’re all guilty of having “bad” habits and I have a fair few of my own 🙈😂

I’m unsure who the original creator of this tag was. If you know, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to credit them.

1. Constantly counting how many pages are remaining of a chapter/book

When I’m reading a book, I cannot stop myself from constantly counting pages to calculate how much I’ve read and how long it will take me to reach a certain chapter, section or the end of the book. I count pages to create check-points for myself. In some ways this can be helpful to break down my reading into smaller, manageable chunks, but it does sometimes distract me from just enjoying reading a book. Kindle helps me to manage this bad habit because it calculates a reading time for each chapter.

2. Reading a book/series because it’s popular

I can be a bit lazy with my TBR and choosing the next book to read, so I often reach for something based on popularity and not because it’s actually the right book for me. I’ve found plenty of great popular books from online bookish spaces, but a majority of the time when I pick up a book based purely on popularity, I end up disappointed. I’ve learned that the amount of people that like/discuss a book is no reflection on how much I’ll enjoy it, so it’s wise to base my reading choices on more than just this.

3. Not researching a book before I read it

I like to go into books as blind as possible. Sometimes even the blurb or synopsis of a book reveals too much information because I have a huge aversion to spoilers (even mild ones). I want to read a book and experience the journey, and every twist and turn with the characters. The disadvantage of this is that I inevitably pick up books that aren’t for me which I probably would’ve realised if I’d actually taken the time to do some basic research.

4. Reading when I’m over-tired

I read most evenings before bed because it’s the most convenient time for me to read. Unfortunately, by the time I actually pick up the book I’m practically falling asleep so my comprehension and retention of what I’m reading is very low. I recently finished The Burning God (#3 The Poppy War) and completely forgot entire chapters because I read them when I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open.

5. Reading classics I probably won’t like simply because they’re classics

I love classics, they’re some of my favourite books but there are a lot out there that just aren’t my cup of tea. Books like The Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, War and Peace and The Count of Monte Cristo don’t really appeal to me but I feel a strong urge to read them simply because they’re well-known classics and featured on most “Books to Read Before You Die” lists.

6. Buying multiple copies of my favourite books

I have two copies of Wuthering Heights, and already have my eye on two other copies that I want to buy. Do I need them? Nope. But when I love a book, I have an uncontrollable desire to own every pretty edition that exists and to have a couple of cheap copies to annotate too. By the time I’m 50 it’s very likely I’ll have an entire shelf dedicated entirely to Wuthering Heights.

7. Playing an audiobook and not listening to a single word

Here’s the thing: I love audiobooks. I think they’re an incredible invention that make reading accessible and can elevate the reading experience. Unfortunately, I’m not an auditory person. Unless an audiobook is completely immersive with a talented narrator and other sound effects, the chances are my mind will wander and I will listen to hours of an audiobook but have no idea what’s actually happened.

8. Completely ignoring my TBR

So far this year I’ve read 22 books and out of those only 8 were actually on my TBR. The combination of being a mood reader, picking up books based on popularity and not doing enough research before reading a book leads me to read books on a whim either because I’ve seen them in a blog post, in a YouTube video or at the library. I forget that my TBR is there to help me make wise reading decisions and read books that I’m more likely to enjoy. I really should attempt to use it more 🙈

I turned out to have even more bad habits than I anticipated when I first decided to do this tag. I feel like my bad reading habits reflect my complete indecisiveness as a person 😂

What are your bad reading habits? Share in the comments!

Stay safe, my lovelies and keep reading.

3 thoughts on “My Bad Reading Habits Book Tag

    1. Haha, it’s good to know I’m not alone! Gosh, yeah. Audiobooks are so difficult for me to pay attention to. I can’t just sit and listen to one, I have to do something but the activities that I can do whilst still paying attention is very small and I get bored easily of those activities haha.


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