2022 Reading Goals

Generally, I’m not a goal-setting type of person and since I picked reading back up again, I’ve only ever worked towards my Goodreads goal to read a minimum of 50 books in a year. But the more settle back into reading, the more I find myself wanting to set goals to help guide my reading, prioritise books I will enjoy and also dip my toes into new types of books. With that in mind, here are my reading goals for the new year! ğŸŽ†

#1 Read more on Kindle

I asked for a Kindle for my birthday last year determined that I would get plenty of use out of it, but unfortunately, due to the fact that my library’s online catalogue isn’t accessible on there, I haven’t been reaching for it as much as I would like. Of the 54 books I read this year, only 9 were on Kindle (around 15%). In 2022, I want at least 35% of my reading to be done on Kindle.

#2 – Read more literary fiction

According to StoryGraph I like “fiction books that are emotional, reflective and dark” and as a genre, literary fiction hits that nail on the head. I genuinely love literary fiction but simply don’t prioritise it enough. I read only 4 literary fiction books this year and every single one of them was a four or five star read. In fact, one of them made it to the top of my Best Reads of 2021 list. This just affirms that I need to read more literary fiction next year. So in 2022, I want to read a minimum of 15 literary fiction books.

#3 – Read longer books (400+ pages)

I have a tendency to shy away from longer books because I find them intimidating. In the past, I also held the opinion that a fantastic story can be told in 300ish pages so why waste my time reading books that are double the length and filled with unnecessary details? I read 9 books this year that had over 400 pages and all of them were great books, many of which were some of my favourite reads of 2021. The more I read long books, the more I appreciate longer, slower paced books that are detailed. In fantasy, in particular, the longer the book the more space there is for strong world-building and character development which are two of my favourite things in fantasy. I’m not going to put a specific number on this goal, instead I’m going to set a broader goal to stop shying away from longer books and to especially not be deterred from reading a book I’m interested in simply because I’m intimidated by the hefty page count (The Way of Kings, I’m looking at you 😂).

#4 – Start reading new series

This kind of links to my previous goal, because just like I have a tendency to shy away from long books, I also tend to shy away from big series. With completed series, if they have more than 3 books I will sometimes procrastinate starting it because I know how much of a big commitment it will be for me to finish that series. With series that are ongoing, I’ll avoid starting because I’m too impatient to wait for the new releases. Unfortunately, this means that I’m missing out on so many fantastic series, particularly since I’m such a big fantasy reader and most epic fantasy comes in the form of long-running series. So in 2022 I want to dive straight into those book series that I’ve had my eye on regardless of how many books are in the series or how long I have to wait in between releases! (again, I’m looking at you Stormlight Archives 😂)

#5 – Read more translated/non-Western fiction

This is part of a broader goal to diversify my reading to incorporate more literature from across the globe because it’s important to me that I’m reading books that reflect a variety of places, voices, experiences and cultures. I’ve noticed how overwhelmingly Western the books I read are and this is reflected by the fact that this year I read only 1 translated fiction and 1 book set in a non-Western country. In 2022, I want to read a minimum of 15 books that are translated fiction and/or that are set in a non-Western setting.

#6 – Read 5 books from my owned TBR

It might be surprising to many readers, but my owned TBR is very small, currently standing at a mere 14 books. This is mainly because I stopped purchasing new books due to lack of space and a desire to better utilise my library and second-hand book stores. That being said, I want to keep chipping away at my owned TBR to avoid becoming overwhelmed like many of my bookish friends are by the hundreds and hundreds of books they’re drowning in 😂
In 2022, I want to read a minimum of 5 books from my owned TBR (most of my owned TBR is also books on my Kindle, so this will help me with my first goal – killing two birds with one stone! 🙌🏻).

#7 – Continue reading LGBTQ+ books

LGBTQ+ books are some of my favourites and are books that I already prioritise. This year I read 15 LGBTQ+ books and as a queer woman it’s important to me that I continue to make space for queer books and queer authors in my reading. In 2022 I would like to read 20 LGBTQ+ books and to specifically read more own voices books featuring trans, ace and aro stories and experiences.

#8 – Better prioritise what I read

This goal is probably one of the most important goals I’m setting myself, because I’m still new to being an avid reader as an adult and sometimes my method of selecting books leaves something to be desired. Sometimes I pick books up on a complete whim and it results in a just okay read. I’d rather invest my time wisely into books I’m genuinely excited about and that I have high hopes for. To keep track of this goal I’m going to create a 2022 TBR which has all of the books I’m most excited to read or that I have been wanting to read for a while but have delayed reading, which brings me nicely onto my final goal…

#9 – Create a 2022 TBR list

As a mood reader, I typically don’t do TBRs. In the past, I’ve found TBRs too restrictive and impossible to stick to. But I feel like having a TBR with books I’d like to prioritise in 2022 that doesn’t have strict timelines on will really help me in reaching all of the other reading goals I’ve set. So in 2022 I will have a general yearly TBR which is designed to help me meet the other 8 goals I have set myself for the year.

There we have it – the 9 reading goals I’m setting myself for 2022! I’ve never set reading goals before so I’m not quite sure if these goals are realistic for me or completely pie in the sky 😂 I guess only time will tell! I’m looking forward to being able to reflect on these goals at the end of next year to see whether I was able to meet them and how they will impact my reading overall.

Do you like to set yourself reading goals? Have you set any for 2022? Let me know in the comments!

Happy New Year, my lovelies and keep reading.

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